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A simple Discord music bot

Listen to music with your friends without leaving Discord, for free!

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Easy to use

Moosic was designed to be super easy to use: no setup is required! Simply add the bot and use the play command to play music.

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Playing Music

Moosic can play from YouTube, or you can provide a direct video/audio file link.

Play types:

  • YouTube Search
  • YouTube URL
  • File URL

Moosic will automatically detect the type you want to use!


  • ▶️ &play: Plays music, you can use a file URL, YouTube URL, or song name/search query.
  • ⏺️ &stream: Stream music from a YT livestream, you can use a YouTube URL or stream name/search query.
  • &pause: Pauses music
  • &resume: Resumes paused music
  • &stop: Stops music and leaves the voice channel

Multiple channels

Wanna listen to music in two channels at once? Add Moosic² and you can!
(Moosic² uses the prefix % instead of &)

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